My interest lies in creating, for others, the kind of unique dining experiences that I grew up with. I was raised on Fishers Island where there are no restaurants or event venues; so at-home entertaining is absolutely essential, and naturally, people become quite exceptional at it. Being an excellent host is really more the rule, than the exception here, and I quickly learned to create innovative events, from conception to execution. Entertaining is so deeply engrained in me; I’ve been hosting cocktail parties since before I was old enough to drink cocktails!

    I unintentionally started my cooking career in 2007, as the assistant to a private chef I eventually took over for (at the time I was getting a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and thought I wanted to do research for the rest of my life – ha!) I soon transitioned into cooking for cocktail and dinner parties, eventually adding the catering services division when I moved to New York City and officially launched the company.

    Our personalized approach to catering ensures seasonally inspired menus that utilize the freshest ingredients, contemporary presentations, and exemplary service. I believe that each menu should be unique to its time and place, and strive to create a memorable experience for every client as well as their guests.